AP Episode 052. Dreamchipper Part 10. The Hired Help

Welcome to the Relative Dimension.

The polls are in!  The new campaign will be centered around Vatican-Sponsored Artifact Hunters.

Character Creation session will be help in a few weeks, and streamed live on twitch.  Check the Relative Dimension twitter feed for updates at twitter.com/relativedpod
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In this episode, the team infiltrates the party, and begins to mingle..  or, serve drinks, rather.

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New Campaign Poll

We are approaching a point in the campaign where the group can use some much needed time off, so we are going to be putting the campaign on Pause, and starting a side campaign.  The goal is to have episodes released much closer to actual play time (instead of a year+ later like current releases).  The current campaign will continue to be released, as editing time allows.

What this means for you, is that (hopefully) you will get the new campaign released more regularly, within a few weeks or so of the session being played.  You will also get to continue the story of Teddy, Dr. Jones, Kinect, Lightning, Mr Black. . .  Oh, you don’t know Mr. Black yet.  That’s another reason we are doing this.  We have players that you wouldn’t get to hear for a while to come yet, but we want you to hear them sooner.

So that’s where you come in.  What type of campaign would you like to listen to?  We’ve done some brainstorming, discussed some ideas, and now I bring those ideas to you.  Please answer the following poll.  You can select multiple answers, hopefully leading to a ranked list in the end.  If the results are too close, I’ll come back with another poll after eliminating some options.

The poll can be found at this link below, and I will leave it up until we meet again on 10/16 for game

Character Sheets

A few people have shown interest in seeing the character sheets from some of the Actual Plays.  So I thought I would drop our current roster, as well as the sheets from characters in the past.  Please note that many of these sheets are current for the sessions we are playing now, which have had 2 years of play time since the sessions that are currently being released.  However, the sheets for Valkyrie, Jackdaw, and Zero should be mosty accurate for when they made their last appearances in the game.

With that, I bring you the current Roster of Characters.  Hope you enjoy.

RD_Mr. Black (Zedmond Blackwell)

And characters from past appearances

AP Episode 051. Dreamchipper Part 9. Freya

Welcome to the Relative Dimension.

In this episode, the group gets to sit down and talk with Freya, and then they begin to plan their next move.

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