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Attempted Capture of Eve Donovan

(The following is a brief telling of an event that happened in the game.  the aftermath of which was heard in Episode 15)

Augmented Reality windows flickered with scrolling information as Eve Donovan researched the information she was being fed.  She liked to be very thorough and often times took a direct hand, along with the Runners she hired, to make sure the job succeeded.  If your teams didn’t succeed, you found your job opportunities drying out.  And she didn’t want to be forced back into Running for a living, Fixing was much more her style.

The Eurocar Westwind, after a quick command over DNI, pulled away from the Gravity Bar and soon turned south onto 1st Ave.  The Arcology filled the view beyond the windshield, but Eve was still scanning the AR windows, not even noticing the occasional squeak of the wipers sluicing water off the glass.

“Yes, I understand.  I should have a team for you within the hour.”  Her eyes flickered to the rear view mirror as the voice acknowledged, “My usual fee shall be observed.  Very well,”

Eve sat back and let the car drive while she began to open windows that displayed info about some of the Runners she regularly dealt with.  For this job, Black Hat and his team would do, so she made the call.  It was answered a moment later, and she smiled at the image  of the Top Hat that filled her visual display.

“Eve, I take it you have a job.” said the distorted voice through the commlink.”

“I wouldn’t disturb you at this time if I didn’t.”  She trailed off as she noticed that the same headlights were still visible in the rear-view.  “Hold that thought a moment,” she said as she assumed manual control of the car, and took the next turn a little too quickly.  “I’ll have a job for you, but I’ll have to send you a message with the info on the meet.”

“Everything chill?”  There was a note of concern in the vocal distortion, “do you need assistance?”

“I should be good.  I just need to make another call.  I’ll be in touch.”  Eve took another turn, her commlink already trying to connect on another signal.

A gruff voice answered, “you finally noticed?”  The owner of the voice didn’t wait for her to respond, “they’ve been following you since you left the Gravity Bar.  I don’t think they are aware of us.  Get on the interstate as soon as you can.  It will be better if we can make it to Renton.”

“Indeed,” said Eve, “the last thing I want is some sort of conflict here downtown.  Have any of the others been alerted?”

“Yeah, some more are on the way to meet us.  Just need to hold out till they arrive.”

Several minutes later, the westwind was screaming through Tacoma.  Whoever they were, and she had counted four vehicles so far, they were trying to direct her some place out of the way.  If only it was the same place she was trying to get to.  She turned east onto Milton Way, hoping that she could make it to Jovita.  Instead, she found herself forced south onto Meridian instead.

“They are doing a very good job of herding me,” she growled as she opened up the throttle on her westwind.

“Yeah, but if you can stay on Meridian, you might be able to hit the 167.  There’s several Crimson coming up from Puyallup, 10 more minutes.”  Just past 36th, Meridian went into some hairy curves, and Eve lost control on the wet roads, sliding into the wooded area on the side of the road.  Four vehicles screeched to a halt, a fifth one hydroplaned and slammed into her westwind.

Head spinning from the wreck, Eve didn’t notice the figured walking up from behind her vehicle.  She was still dazed as an arm reached in, severing her seat belt with a knife before the other arm yanked her out of the broken window by her hair,  Suddenly alert and screaming from the pain, her eyes narrowed on the person in front of her.

“Ah, ah ah,” it said in a calm voice, cutting her off before she could say anything.  “Don’t make this any harder than it is.  We want something that you had stolen.”

“I’m a Fixer,” she spat.  “I arrange to have many things stolen.  You’re going to have to be more specific.” Then gunfire erupted, and she tried to pull away, but stopped when she realized that he still had a firm grip on her hair.

The human who held her pulled her around behind the westwind, ducking and pulling her down into cover.  “Perhaps, but here isn’t the place.”  He was wearing tactical armor of some sort, and dark goggles obscured his eyes.

Just then a grenade went off on the other side of the car, and she took the opportunity to pull herself away, leaving many strands of her hair.  Standing, she quickly turned and ran.  Right into a troll that had come up from the other side.  Reacting quickly, she drew her Browning and shot the troll in the stomach.  He simply grunted, armored too well for the pistol to cause much harm, and then he grabbed her.  One hand on her shoulder, the other on her wrist, he pulled.  She heard the metal of her cyber arm giving way as the troll separated the hand from her body.

It was just metal, but the troll still squeezed the meat portion roughly.  Eve screamed in pain, and tried shooting the troll again, but he back-handed her before she could get the shot off.  She lost her breath as she spun and impacted the ground face first, but then she heard the sound of many cycles roaring closer.

“Sounds like the cavalry has arrived,” she said as she turned to look at the troll.  The sight of the troll swinging a sledge hammer towards her wiped the grin off her face.  Hurriedly, she scrambled back, just enough to that the hammer smashed through her left leg.  Her cyber leg.  Then the flash bangs began popping, and she was knocked out before she was able to see the two dozen members of King’s Crimson arrive and begin to slaughter her attackers.