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The Community of growing, and it can sometimes be hard to keep track of everyone.  Here is a list of Fellow Podcasters, youtubers, and twitch streams.  First will be the Shadowrun related, and then after will be general gaming podcasts, or those with some Shadowrun content.

Shadowcasters Network

Relative Dimension – Actual Play Podcast.  Support them on Patreon

Neo-Anarchist Podcast – Sixth World history to keep you up to date in the shadows.  Support them on Patreon

The Arcology Podcast – Actual Plays and Informative episodes.  Support them on Patreon

Violent Life – Informationals, and Radio-drama style episodes.  Support them on Patreon

Complex Action – Actual Play and Informative episodes.  Visit them on YouTube 
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Sixth World Podcast – Informational and interviews.  Streamed live on Twitch, and posted to YouTube
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Join The Anarchy – Videos of Shadowrun Anarchy! live streamed on Twitch

Lowcountry Shadows – Actual Play podcast.

Deniable Assets – An informational, “Dear Abby” style podcast for shadowrunners.
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HiddenGrid – One of the oldest Shadowrun podcasts still running.  There are Actual Play episodes, and “Classic” informative episodes.  Support them on Patreon

Dice Crimes – Actual Play podcast

Milk Run – Actual Play podcast

Crit Squad – Actual Play podcast

Original Box Set – Actual Play podcast. Streamed live on Twitch

Shadowrun Hong Kong Hub – Videos of Shadowrun AP, presented on Youtube

Sonic Realms – Actual Play Hypercut series.  Also, you can find them on Stitcher, Facebook, Twitter, Google Play, and iTunes .
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Mana & Steel – Actual Play Podcast

Without a Net – Actual Play Podcast

Shadowrun Podcasts

Legends of Earthdawn – Earthdawn Actual Play.  Not exactly Shadowrun, but if you want to understand the history of the 6th World, then delving back to the 4th World is a good start.

Neo Scum – Actual Play podcast.

Geek The Mage – Actual Play podcast

Critical Glitch – Shadowrun Informational podcast.

Openly Gamer Theater – Audio Drama style presentation of The Dragon Variation, a limited Shadowrun series.

Motor City Shadows – A Shadowrun Actual Play Podcast in the style of a radio drama.

Anarchy is Dead – A Shadowrun Anarchy Actual Play Podcast by The Esoteric Order of Roleplayers.

The Talent Agency – A Shadowrun Anarchy Actual Play by ARS LINGUA.  You can also find them on iTunes

Drek Happens – Actual Play podcast broadcast on Soundcloud

Twitch/Youtube Video Streams

EvilSqueegee’s Youtube Channel – Videos of their Actual Play Shadowrun game, Defrag.  Streamed on Twitch every other week.

Bamce’s Youtube Channel – Games for GM’s, Actual Plays, and RunnerHub content, live streamed on Twitch

Hyper RPG’s Youtube Channel – Videos of their Corporate SINs Shadowrun game, live streamed on Twitch

Roll4It Youtube Channel – Videos of Shadowrun AP, live streamed on Twitch

Roleplay: Mirrorshades Youtube Channel – Videos of Shadowrun AP, live streamed on Twitch

Hoi Chummer Youtube Channel – Videos of Shadowrun AP, live streamed on Twitch

RPG Squad’s Earthdawn Game – YoutubeVideo of their Earthdawn Actual Play, on the Unlucky Desperado channel

Non-Shadowrun specific Podcasts

Five Degrees Off Normal  – General podcast with some gaming topics

Seize the GM – General gaming podcast.  Support them on Patreon at

GamersTable – General gaming advice and topics, as well as Radio-Drama quality Actual Plays.  Support them on Patreon at

Gamer’s Tavern – General Gaming podcast, with interviews and some Shadowrun Actual Plays

Fear The Boot – General gaming advice and interviews.  Support them on Patreon at

Happy Jacks RPG Podcast – General gaming advice, as well as an Actual Play series of various games that can be found on their site, or via a separate RSS feed that they provide on their site.

Trench Monkeys – General gaming podcast by Military Veterens, with Military Gamers in mind.  Support them on Patreon at

Impromptu Touch Attack – Actuals Plays of various games, including Shadowrun!

Essential NPCs – Actual Plays of various games, including Shadowrun!  Support them on Patreon at

Something About Tabletop Youtube Channel – Videos of Shadowrun APs and other games/topics.


Not podcasts, but other useful resources that can be found on the web,

Decker’s Demise – A site that gathers some useful resources for GMs of Shadowrun.


If you know of any that I’ve missed, please leave a comment below, and I’ll add it ASAP.

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