Episode 002 – Session 1, Part 2

In this episode, we see if Teddy’s spell works, an old face makes a cameo appearance, and we get word of a new job?

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Episode 001 – Session 1, Part 1

Hello Chummers.  This is the first episode following our crew.  They have some experience under their belt from before the recording started, so we join the game in progress.  In this episode, the group has Christmas dinner, and then receives a little bad news from a contact.

Our cast of characters include
Doctor Jones – Orc Archaeologist who moonlights as a Combat Mage.
Lightning – Elf Sniper that finds life easier to view through the sights of a good gun, than through a magnifying glass.
Teddy – Loyal Dwarf Bear Shaman who pretends to have fun while taking things way too seriously.
Zero – Human Physical Adept who thinks life is just a VR Matrix game

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