About Relative Dimension

Relative Dimension is a Shadowrun Actual Play Podcast.  We might release non-Shadowrun related material in the future, as well as articles, reviews, etc.  As to the content. I am running my group through the 2050’s, on a trek to the current timeline. I started with Silver Angel, and progressed through Mercurial, Bottled Demon, Dragon Hunt, etc. Unfortunately, these were all completed before I started recording. I didn’t know then that I was going to start recording and releasing my sessions. It wasn’t until I started listening to Neo-Anarchist Podcast, Critical Glitch, Hiddengrid, and Arcology Podcast that I was inspired to jump in myself.

It took some time, but I finally made it. If you want to listen to a group go through Mercurial, Hiddengrid completed that adventure towards the end of their run, and it is very enjoyable. And I might write up a synopsis of how my group handled it.

However, I didn’t miss them all. Besides some original jobs, I do have some modules in the can, and on their way. In fact, I recently started dropping episodes in which they deal with one of the Harlequin adventures. There will be more of those. I also have to admit that Hiddengrid inspired me, some may recognize that I pulled a similar event on my group… as an excuse to introduce some alternate Runners that will be featured occasionally.

Other modules to look forward to… Already recorded are Missing Blood: The Universal Brotherhood and Dreamchipper. I have a year’s worth of recordings waiting for release, so might be a while before some of these are heard. There are also a few more 1st edition modules that I may run before I get into 2nd edition.

I might even open that up to Patreon supporters, a vote as to which Module to run next. it’s an idea to toss around.

I hope this helps answer some questions as to just what Relative Dimension is, and what content we are featuring.