House Rules – Matrix

As I mentioned in my Decking article, my group recently had a discussion about the Matrix.  Despite being one of the best versions of the Matrix to date, there are still times when it just seems to take forever.  In my game, what happened was that the team was given a job, sort of immediate action needed, no time to “plan.”  They had to steal a shipping container that was being loaded onto a truck.  They were about 2 hours away from the docks where the truck was being loaded, so the player of the Decker decided to flit on down in the Matrix and try for some surveillance.   Continue reading House Rules – Matrix

Shadowrunning 101 – Decking

Decking, or..  How do I hack The Matrix?

Before everything, this is not going to touch on Technomancers.  They are their own beast, and I will try to get a basic write-up for them in the near future.

To begin, this informational is going to use just the Core Book.  It will not take into account anything in Data Trails, or any other books that may have any Matrix sections.  Another disclosure is that this is my own best interpretation.  You, or your GM, may have other ideas, which I’d love to see in the comments below.  Even though SR5 has the best rendition of the Matrix so far, it still has some issues, and after my most recent game (as of writing this), my group and I discussed a few options to help speed up the Matrix even more, and I will follow up with a new post with what we discussed.  I am going to start with a quick data dump of Matrix terms other things you need to know.  If you already know about Icons, Grids, etc, you might want to skip down a little.  Still here?  Then let us begin.   Continue reading Shadowrunning 101 – Decking

AP Episode 010, Harlequin Past. Have fun storming the castle!

In this episode, they finally get to put their legwork and planning to use.

If you are planning on attending Gencon, and would like to volunteer to run games of Shadowrun, the Catalyst Demo Team is looking for volunteer GMs.  You get some swag, up to and including a badge and a portion of your hotel room covered, depending on how many games you commit to running.  For more information, check out the Shadowrun Missions Facebook page
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AP Episode 009, Harlequin Past. Planning.

In this episode, the group makes use of their previous legwork, and plans on how best to infiltrate the castle.
I went looking for some temporary music to fill in the silence in the beginning.
The song is Legend, from SPCZ, off the album Foundation. Which you can find at



This is a map of the outer grounds, and Floors 1-4.  The basement the group toured was basically a large central room with a few locked vaults surrounding it, so there’s no map needed for it really.

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AP Episode 008, Harlequin Past: Tours of a castle. .

In this episode, our group decides to take a tour of the castle..  wait, they’re actually doing some legwork?  Wow.

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At the end of this episode is a conversation I had to cut out of the main part because it didn’t fit, but since it was about Final Fantasy, I figured I would add it at the end.. just a little discussion about the different games and such.

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