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Artificium Occulte Venatores, Episode 003. Travel


Welcome to the Relative Dimension.

This episode is short.  My computer glitched while we were playing, and OBS stopped recording/streaming our episode.  So we only have about 25 minutes or so of recording.  The next episode will include a recap of some of the things that should have been included in this episode.

On that note, if you would like to support the show, you can check out the following links


You can even support the show from Podbean’s crowdfunding link.

You can also support the show by making your PDF purchases through DriveThruRPG at the following link.  It doesn’t cost you any more, but we get a percentage of your purchase price.  Half of all DriveThru proceeds will go back to the community in the form of Gift Certificates, and the other half will go toward equipment upgrades and maintenance.

Thank you.

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Podcasting Assistance

Recently, I wrote an article about getting into podcasting, and some general advice. One hurdle that delayed my entry into Podcasting was hosting fees. There are fees for domain, domain hosting, and podcast hosting.  There’s also other costs, such as equipment, cloud storage for backups, mics, and others.  So, in an effort to help you get your content out there sooner, rather than later, I have set up a Patreon pledge tier. At this tier, I will help you get started with creating content, and I will host the content on my iTunes feed, and on this page.

I am doing this because I was recording my episodes for over a year before I was able to work related costs into my budget, and I don’t want high costs to roadblock your content.

For more information, check the Pledge Tiers at Patreon

Message to our Patreon Supporters

Earlier today, I posted a Patreon message for my patrons. We don’t have many yet, but that’s no problem. The message was a list of free stuff available. I purchased the Playstation Humble Bundle, mainly for the Resident Evil and Devil may cry stuff. That left quite a few games that I’ll probably never play, so I decided to give my patrons first crack at anything they wanted from the list of PS3 games (and a PS4 game). I’ll eventually take the remainder of the list to twitter for random giveaways or something.

I am also in the process of editing our first bonus actual play. Several months ago, we took a short break from Shadowrun, and I ran a Dark Heresy game. I’ll be releasing those episodes to patrons in the near future as well.. with the caveat that the ending is pretty much left to your imagination. Our last session ended with the group just about to resolve everything, and then one of my players ended up in the hospital for several weeks. By the time he was out and able to resume gaming, a month or so had passed, and no one was in the mood to pause our shadowrun game again for a single DH session.. so, the very ending, we’re just gonna leave open.. hopefully that won’t happen again.

We will probably be doing something like this again in the future.. either slowing our shadowrun game to an every other week thing to fit an alternate game in for bonus content, or finding a day where I can run a game once or twice a month. The games may vary. Perhaps depending on patron preference, they might be Shadowrun, or things like World of Darkness, Mekton, Cyberpunk, Edge of the Empire, or even other Star Wars systems. I have a lot of games on my shelf that I have an itch to run, and this would be the perfect opportunity to break some of them out. OR, I might get to play in some of them, and someone else can GM for the campaign. We shall see.

In any case, if you are interested in supporting the Relative Dimension, you can find our patreon page here